Selfoss/WAMP downloads PHP files instead of displaying them

by snak-pak, Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 05:37 (3407 days ago) @ MisteSanders

It sounds like PHP might not be working correctly on your server. Do you use a hosting provider or is it your own server? Most hosting companies provide PHP in all their configurations since it's so common.

What many people do to verify PHP and any PHP extensions that might be required are actually installed is to create a simple php_info page that will give you a wealth of information. Create a simple file and call it something like test.php with the following content:


If PHP is working you should see a wealth of information when you visit, and if it doesn't then the problem is on the server and PHP might not be enabled. BTW, you can get hosting for cheap or free from a wide variety of places so you might want to try a different provider if they can't get PHP working for you.


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