Joining with TinyTinyRSS Backend

by kulak, Monday, December 28, 2015, 18:50 (3100 days ago)

I have tried Selfoss, TinyTinyRSS and FreshRSS.

FreshRSS has clunky UI and feels incomplete. Author has publicly announced its death.

TinyTinyRSS has a great back end with all the features I ever wanted, but it is close to unusable on mobile screen like iPhone.

Selfoss has great mobile interface (a bit buggy, but manageable). But it is lacking in feature department.

So, I wish I could put selfoss frontend on TinyTinyRSS backend. I wounder if anyone gave that a thought. Does anybody know if its is going to be possible or impossible? For example, if both are based on AJAX design model with JSON API, then backends are easier to integrate. If HTML is generated in PHP code, then all is lost.

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