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by sph, Friday, January 29, 2016, 18:38 (3098 days ago)

Hi community,

i want to fix an issue that relates to the behaviour and usage of selfoss, not it's general function. Here's a description:

I set up a fresh installation on my webspace, all worked fine. When i login to view e. g. unread articles, i see a list of headlines in the main window. I can expand and collapse each article by clicking on it's title, as intended.

But when i open/expand an article, this happens to the top direction of the window. The area of the full text is not displayed just below the headline, instead the headline "jumps" up and the area is inserted above my mouse cursor - where the headline was before.

As i don't read my selfoss content in any particular order, i often jump around between headlines and articles. I'm fine with that - but it's really annoying when you scroll through your feeds, open an article and then have to re-locate on the screen where the article is and where the headline is you just clicked.

So: How and where can i adjust this behaviour to my needs?

I guess the expand-collapse-thing is some JS, but i don't know where to look for it exactly. Also, there shouold be some trigger-event linked with the article headline - maybe the behaviour could be controlled right there?

Any help, hint or idea is welcome! :-)

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