Feature request: Acting as a RSS feed server

by Troberg, Monday, March 14, 2016, 09:34 (3017 days ago)

It would be nice if selfoss could act as a RSS feed server as well. That way, it would aggregate your various feeds (and manage them in one place), and any other RSS reader could read them.

Now, you say, why can't you just use the web interface on another device?

Well, a lot of strange devices are starting to pop up. Smartwatches (or smartphones in a watch form factor), car stereos, refridgerators, media boxes and so on. Sometimes, it's just much simpler and much better suited to the specific device to use the built-in RSS reader. For example, on a media box, you might want news to tick along the top of the screenö. In a car stereo, you might want them read aloud. On a smart watch, the limited screen interface makes specialized readers more suitable. And so on.

So, I could use the web interface on most devices, and the RSS server/local client on the ones where it works better.

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