HTTP 500 on ARMv7 when initially F3 DEBUG is 0

by jernst, Monday, January 08, 2018, 05:25 (2352 days ago) @ jtojnar

Ah! Thanks for the prompt response.

I don't really want to ship a development version to users. So I'm now doing this when putting the package together:

cp index.php index-tmp.php
cp common.php common-tmp.php
perl -pi -e "s!/common.php!/common-tmp.php!" index-tmp.php
perl -pi -e "s!set\('DEBUG', 0\)!set('DEBUG', 1)!" common-tmp.php
php index-tmp.php > /dev/null
rm index-tmp.php common-tmp.php

That will generate the CSS file (although not minified, but that's the smaller problem IMHO) and now smoke tests pass.

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