Need help configuring Windows Cron Batch file

by rjr, Monday, January 21, 2019, 13:33 (2002 days ago)

Hi everyone,

I need some help fillowing step 9 of the steps to create a "Windows Cron" batch file for updating RSS Feeds. It seems there are some details missing in these steps and/or I don't understand all the steps

- I've got selfoss running on Localhost and the selfoss page displays (although it's only text and not GUI which I think is another issue).
- Apache & SQL installed using XAMPP
- In XAMPP "www" folder is "htdocs" (where I copied the selfoss files to)

selfoss Windows installation instructions

Steps 9 & 10

####9. Next create a batch file: (This is our windows equivalent of crontab)

1) Open up a new file in a text editor, such as notepad.
2) Enter the following line:
start “URL of your webserver”/update

"e.g. start localhost/www/selfoss v2.1.3/update"

Q1: What is the purpose of the "/update" in the path above?
Q2: Is this a switch? or folder?
(There is no "update" folder in the URL file path

Q3: If I'm using "localhost" then what command string should the Windows batch file have?

Q4: Is this batch simply attempting to "refresh" the web page?

Q5: following the "e.g." above, My batch file has the following but this is a path so how does the RSS feed "update" work?
start http://localhost/update

For example, maybe the batch file should simply say "Start localhost"?


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