Windows OS - Selfoss Not Rendering Graphics on Webpage

by jtojnar, Monday, January 21, 2019, 19:44 (1946 days ago) @ rjr

Q: What are "the files" being referred to in the statement above?

That would be all.css, all.js and the images directory. I would not recommend this approach, though. I would try to make mod_rewrite work.

Q: What "public folder" is being referred to?

It refers to the public directory extracted from

Note: I copied all files from selfoss \public\css \font and \etc folders to the web folders (htdocs folder in XAMPP) but still the selfoss displays only in text (no gui / graphics)

You should extract all files in to htdocs directory and let mod_rewrite do its job.

Any ideas what's happening and how to resolve?

I am not familiar with XAMPP but looking at the tutorial this line strikes me as suspicious:

####4. Find and rename all the .htaccess files into htaccess (remove the dot)

I would skip this step and instead try to find out how to make htaccess and mod_rewrite work on XAMPP.

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