Title bug on "add source" page?

by e.christiaanse, Saturday, March 23, 2013, 15:07 (4044 days ago)


Let me first say that selfoss is a GREAT replacement for Google Reader :) It's nice and clean and after some struggle to get it working (due to my own mistakes) I'm really happy that I've found it!!!

I've found a little bug in adding new feeds. I've imported the OPML from Google reader. After checking the import I've found a strange thing with this RSS feed name: <Stuff about="code" /> ยป

Even after adding the title by hand a part of the title ended outside of the input :) It seems that something going wrong here...

Is it possible to add requests in the same issue? I've got some that, I think, will be useful for other people as well:
- Add the option to stay logged when returning to selfoss after closing the browser
- Add a focus on the first input on the login screen
- Add the option to ask ALL articles read within a tag instead of only the mark the visible items read
- Display feeds that don't work or have errors in the feed overview
- Autocomplete tags when adding them
- Auto add the feed title tot the title input after entering the feed url

That's it for now, keep up the nice work!!!

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