How to use selfoss

by freakazoid, Thursday, March 28, 2013, 01:05 (4136 days ago)

Hi there,

I'm wondering how you use selfoss. I cannot get it to work well for me.

My rssLounge reading flow is like that:
1. unfold the first (oldest) unread message
2. scan the teaser
3. if it's interesting press [v] to open the article in a new tab*
4. press [m] to mark the message as read and proceed with the next message*
5. go to 2. until you read all messages

I know people already requested the oldest-first-sorting which would solve the biggest issues for me. But I'm interested in your reading routine. What's selfoss supposed to be used?

*In fact I customized my rssLounge to use [Space] and [Return] for this as those are easier to hit for me.

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