Cannot locate all.css and get 404 error for opml and update

by nosbig, Thursday, March 14, 2013, 20:46 (3997 days ago)

I am installing selfoss in a subdirectory of my DocumentRoot (http://servername/selfoss/).

When trying to connect, I get the contents of the index page, but I get no styling on the page at all. I also see no link to login, add sources, or otherwise administer the system. My apache error.log shows that the server cannot find all.css in /var/www/selfoss/.

I am using Debian stable with Apache2 as the web server, and I am using SQLite as the database. I literally unzipped the 2.2 release archive, did a chown -R www-data:www-data selfoss/ to change the ownership to the user Apache is running as and trying to browse to the site.

I suspect it might have to do with a mod_rewrite configuration and/or the .htaccess file, but I can't pinpoint the specific issue.

I also downloaded the latest GIT version, and the same problem occurs.

If a forum or other community exists and this is not the appropriate place for this issue (likely on my end), please direct me to the community.

UPDATE (GitHub): I was asked if I had mod_rewrite enabled, and I do. I tried each possible variation of the RewriteBase value with selfoss and one or more slashes (/).

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