Problems with Firefox & MySQL / PostgreSQL

by H3llraiseR, Tuesday, April 09, 2013, 09:23 (3894 days ago)

Hi there,

I'm having a curious issue with selfoss 2.4 and MySQL/PostgreSQL.

When using Firefox 20.0 I only get "Load list error:" and "Load sources error:" JS-dialogs and the spinning AJAX wheel (Screenshot), but it works with IE 9...
When I switch it back to the SQLite default settings everything works as intended in Firefox as well.

I've set the "loger_level" to DEBUG, but can't see anything special in the logs. Neither in the Apache Logs.
I'm running selfoss on a Debian 6 machine with Apache 2.2.16 and PostgreSQL 8.4.

Any hints or ideas? Maybe just a Firefox configuration issue?


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