PHP Timeout in "libs/JSMin.php

by CaveCanem, Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 23:14 (4067 days ago)


i wanted to try Selfoss on my RaspberryPi but i cant get it work. I only get a white screen with a "Internal Server Error" that says that the maximum Execution Time is exceeded.

The Apache log file says that this happens while executing /libs/JSMin.php, but the lines are different every time (from 0 to 160).

I´ve done everything that is said in the installation instruction.
I´ve got owncloud installed, too, so actually it should work.

I also removed owncloud but that didn´t helped.

The first error i got was "Couldn´t fin "/www/favicon.ico" (selfoss is under "/var/www/selfoss/") that was a bit strange, but i just copied the favicon.ico file, but that didn´t helped as well.

has anyone any idea? thanks

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