Not loads the application is just the loop.

by kraudio, Friday, March 15, 2013, 16:02 (3844 days ago)

Not loads the application is just the loop.

Already checked the procedure:
Upload all files of this folder (IMPORTANT: also upload the invisible. Htaccess files)
Make the directories data / cache, data / favicons, data / logs, data / thumbnails, date / sqlite and public / writeable
Insert date in config.ini database access (you have to not change anything if you would like to use sqlite)
You do not have to install the database, it will be created automatically
Create cronjob for updating feeds and point to it via wget or curl

This is my config.ini
db_type = sqlite
DB_File = date / sqlite / selfoss.db
db_host = localhost
db_database = selfoss
db_username = root
db_password =
db_port = 3306
logger_level = ERROR
items_perpage = 50
items_lifetime = 30
base_url =
username =
password =
salt = ewqe1289
public =
rss_title = selfoss feed
rss_max_items = 300
rss_mark_as_read = 0

The link on this:

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