Next and Previous button in mobile view?

by jens, Sunday, April 21, 2013, 09:51 (4057 days ago) @ gerdroot

I tinkered with something along those lines yesterday...

I added a "Throw" button (i.e. mark as read and go to the next message) to the smartphone view (and removed all the google/twitter/etc stuff as I don't use it) --- not exactly what you want but it might be useful to some people...

I just created a patch and posted it here:
Save it as a file and run "patch -p1 < fileUSavedItAs"

(although naturally this requires the patch utility)

Disclaimer: I probably don't adhere to the style etc and I haven't tested it excessively, but it works on my phone :)

Edit: Oh, and as with an update you should delete (at least) public/all.js and clear your browser cache...

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