import categories from rsslounge's OPML

by doudou, Saturday, July 06, 2013, 01:44 (3807 days ago)

Hello, and thanks for your great app

i was a long time rsslounge user and decided to update to the new thing

two thing that bother me though:

-i tried exporting an OPML file from rsslounge and importing it in selfoss
it successfully imported every single of my feeds, which is nice, however, selfoss doesn't seem to care at all about the categorizing in the OPML file
is there a way to force selfoss to convert categories as tags?

-the buttons to star, delete an item were moved from the top of an item to the bottom, and are only available once you unfold the item
i'm pretty sure that's actually sommething i requested in rsslounge^^, except that i think there should still be a way to star and delete an item without having to unfold it
i believe someone already requested that, so it's ok, i can probably customize it myself anyway

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