Conversion from relative to absolute URLs does not work

by michix, Wednesday, October 16, 2013, 09:49 (3703 days ago) @ michix

Okay, I found out a little bit more regarding this problem. Take this webpage for example:

Here you find the following line:

<img src="/imgs/18/1/0/9/3/4/1/3/Fernschreibmaschine_mit_Telefonanschluss-bcd58419497aac2f.jpeg" width="250" height="170" alt="" data-zoom-src="/imgs/18/1/0/9/3/4/1/3/Fernschreibmaschine_mit_Telefonanschluss-1ef1f7a29d9f5a52.jpeg" />

This line is then transformed by selfoss into the following:

<img ref='/imgs/18/1/0/9/3/4/1/3/Fernschreibmaschine_mit_Telefonanschluss-bcd58419497aac2f.jpeg' alt="" />

Since it says "<img ref='/..." this is not matched by the regex which puts the "" upfront. I also wonder why an "<img src=" is transformed to an "<img ref=".

Tobi, could you please help?

Many thanks,

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