Unread counts for tags

by sysinfo, Saturday, March 16, 2013, 04:54 (4111 days ago)

Like many (At least, so I suspect) I've been fleeing the Google Reader shutdown. Unfortunately, I've spent more of my time on the server side of things than actually working with PHP/CSS/JS. The tweaks by vince and RubenK have been helpful (though the mark as read hack doesn't appear to work on NearlyFreeSpeech hosting, for which I haven't yet discovered the cause) but I'm curious whether anyone has added, or has the desire to add, unread counts on a per-tag basis. That's the main thing I'm still missing from Google Reader, and while I can adapt - and should probably learn to try to implement it myself - I thought I'd be lazy-ish and see if someone had done the dirty work already, or could at least smack me upside the head and point me in a rough direction.

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