Reimporting items in SQL after update (invisible in viewer)

by RitterRunkel, Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 14:48 (3595 days ago)

Hi Tobi, hi selfossers!

I followed the update procedure (though it's kinda strange deleting all folders except data first, and public/*.js afterwards - which don't exist anymore, of course) and succeeded in updating, but my sources and database was gone.

So I reimported my sources and started to reimport the items-table in MySQL as well. Now I can see my old thousands of items in SQL, including my beloved starred ones, but I'm not able to see 'em in my selfoss viewer!?

I can only see the latest feeds which were downloaded from the sources again. But I replaced the items-table completely, updated and did a browser cache cleaning as well ...

Any idea, what's going on? Maybe the items are disregarded since the ID/Index of the items is too high?

Thank you,

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