Cron / Manual update

by frankynov, Monday, March 18, 2013, 00:24 (3852 days ago)

Hello !

First, let me thank you for this awesome rss reader ! I've tried several others and this is the lightest one and most stable I've seen.

I've installed it on my OVH host and it runs well so far (despite a magic quotes error at first, OVH is to blame !).

I've a question about the updates : I've set up a cron to automatically retrieve the feeds each hour, that's the maximum I can get from my host.
But is there a way to manually retrieve the feeds ?
I've seen that http://your_website/update does the trick, but is it automatically launched when I open my selfoss homepage ? I would like to retrieve the feeds more than once an hour during the day.

I've seen many features requests, all of them seem pertinent !
I can't wait to see the future of this project.

Best regards from Belgium,


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