Some items not copied in mysql db

by Dubbel, Monday, March 18, 2013, 00:25 (4109 days ago)


I have a problem that only appears on certain rss feeds:

When fetching these feeds the new items are recognized, but the insertion into the mysql db is not successful.

logfile with logging level DEBUG:

03-17-13 19:00:50 Debug start fetching source "Blogname (id: 1)
03-17-13 19:00:50 Debug spout successfully loaded: spouts\rss\feed
03-17-13 19:00:50 Debug fetch content
03-17-13 19:00:50 Debug minimum date: 2013-02-15 19:00:50
03-17-13 19:00:50 Debug start item fetching
03-17-13 19:00:50 Debug start insertion of new item "Correct item title"
03-17-13 19:00:50 Debug item content sanitized
03-17-13 19:01:01 Debug added item in db: 0
03-17-13 19:01:01 Debug item inserted
03-17-13 19:01:01 Debug Memory usage: 19841216
03-17-13 19:01:01 Debug Memory peak usage: 20074944

I added some code to the file daos/mysql/item.php to get the return value of the insertion execution, and it is 0.

The memory limit is 128M.

Some other feed items of other feeds are inserted without problems (returning value 1).

Is anyone experiencing the same problem? One feed where it appears is for example

Thanks in advance,

Some items not copied in mysql db

by Dubbel, Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 00:37 (4108 days ago) @ Dubbel

Well, I "solved" the problem for me by using SQLite... very strange...

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