How-To convert unknown sources to RSS

by ikkez, Thursday, August 01, 2013, 15:03 (3780 days ago)

Hi folks.

I was looking for a way to add a new unknown source to selfoss without creating a spout (cuz i'm always lazy :-D )
So i wanted to be noticed in selfoss, whenever google indexed a new website that has written something about our glorious fat-free framework =)

So i created a custom search in the google code lab, and used its API to query the search results. unfortunately it only returns the data as Atom Feed or JSON. So okay, JSON is cool and it would be easy to write a generic json spout... but like i said, i was just lazy and wanted to get it working without touching any code.
So i used a Yahoo! Pipe to fetch the JSON data from google, and transcode it into a RSS Feed, that selfoss could read easily.


just use the pipe url, andd "&_render=rss" and put that URL into selfoss RSS Feed Spout and you're done ;)

i hope this might be useful to someone else how's looking for a 5min receipe to add new whatever sources, as Yahoo! Pipes seem to be a powerful tool :-P

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