udate error

by onazari, Wednesday, December 25, 2013, 15:55 (3713 days ago)

i installed selfoss 2.9 under opensuse with apache2 and sqlite
wheni add new feed source then update feed, content of new feed displayed.
after a moment ( about 5 min and later when i getto new feed and update no thing changed. i sure that source has newfeed at that time.
I use several way to update.
2.using commond line: curl "http://localhost/selfoss/update"
3.using this script by cron:
LOAD=$(unset LANG; uptime | awk '{ print $11 }' | sed 's/,$//' )
if [[ $LOAD < 1 ]]
/usr/bin/curl -s -S -m 3300 >/dev/null
exit 0
4.using auto **using this manual**here

but after updating not occurred any change.
please help me!
tanks a lot. :)

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