multiple questions

by kulak, Monday, December 21, 2015, 10:48 (3101 days ago)


I have been running selfoss for about 10 days and I like it. I have a few questions and wishes:

1) can I share my installation with family members and friends in a multi-user type of setup?
2) I wish UI interface had "show only read articles" mode.

Here is what I really like:

1) ability to use the same interface on desktop and mobile screen
2) great readability of the content without going to the original site

I have a large and growing number of subscriptions so I am experiencing difficulties with managing a "manageable number of articles to read". I with I had a high volume area which did not overflow my "unread" area. Unfortunately, today I have to unsubscribe from high volume feeds due to feed domination in "unread" area.

All in all it is a great application especially after price is considered.

One more thing... I'd like to report that it works on current FreeBSD 10.2

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