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by gerdroot, Monday, December 21, 2015, 15:26 (3137 days ago) @ kulak

btw: have you seen the github repo:

Nope. there is no multi user support. Apparently. If you need it, TinyTinyRSS and FreshRSS seem to support it.

But feel free to post a feature request in the github issue section!

You can only manage multiple selfoss users by installing it multiple times, which makes it really tedious to maintain (i currently run 3 instances, 2 fore me, 1 for family).

From the rest of your posting i understand you might need advice on the following:

My 55 or 60 rss sources produce around 300 items per day.

i check my selfoss several times during the day, mostly in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep. Basically i open selfoss any time i feel bored or have more than 2 minutes to wait for something ;) (waiting in the checkout, whatsoever)

My strategie for the morning and evening read is to read per Tag.

That means, i tag all sources into ~10 categories. The biggest Tag is "newspaper", 2nd biggest is "tech news".

I have "unread" as default view, so if i open selfoss, i just need to click through the tags and usually start with the one with the most unread items. Usually i only read a handful of the 70-100 items, because most of the stuff is covered in the news on TV or is discussed in real life anyway.

Technews also produces more or less redundand articles from several tech news sources.

Half of the unread items are read in 10minutes. What is tedious is all the other small blogs that produce 1-5 articles a day. This takes significantly more time to manage ;)

I just can recommend you to use tags to separate the blogs/sources you read into (more ore less...) categories that you are really really interested in and categories that you are not feeling bad if you miss one item because it hides within 100 less relevant items.


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