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by CrockChartering, Sunday, April 24, 2016, 13:32 (2976 days ago) @ PDog

Hi Tobi,

This is Nick from Crockchartering. First of all I admire your work & service provided in terms of Selfoss Software free of Charge. This is really pleasant for the users like self, who opened new firms & don't know outcome or results of their firms 2 years down the line so freebie makes sense.

Now then coming to my actual issue, you see I been trying to install wamp server then get Selfoss on my laptop Windows 10, unfortunately 2 days wasted on downloading all Dll files to make wamp server operational. After which now wamp server working fine and tried installing Selfoss, which as matter of fact I have tried no of times to get it working but unfortunately not seen day of light at the time of writing this mail.

Cut short and in nutshell, currently struck on local host WAMP server Selfoss page with username & password, as tried all the tricks and material available on net including uninstalling and installing but it's not taking my passwords. Pls I need ur sincere advice and urgent as am totally drained & exhausted to make this work. Will sincerely appreciate ur kind timely help if you can.

With Kind Regards,
Nick - +91-98333 03000

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