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by gerdroot, Friday, February 06, 2015, 12:01 (3425 days ago) @ Arehandoro

I didn't check the webserver logs... basically 'cause I don't really know where is the file to find them O_o

Depending on your webserver. For apache2 it might be /var/log/apache2/

There are different files.

I did manage to make it work, though. Apparently the library php5-gd wasn't installed thus was given me that error. Now I have another kind of error; the feeds update randomly, rather that every 30 mins as I indicated in the crontab, and also there are two feeds that selfoss complains about not having enabled iconv or mbstring.

No idea about your 2 feeds. However regarding the update: do you see the update not happening at all in regular 30 min. intervals or do just the feed items appear randomly?

You can try to check the selfoss logs (i think you have to enable them in selfoss config, see help file for reference).

It should be located at $www-doc-root/selfoss/data/logs/

If you have shell access you can try to "tail -f default.log" to see what is happening in real time.

Do you see the update being triggered according to your crontab settings? You should increase the frequency for testing.

Can't find iconv but mbstring is enabled in php.ini, apache2 reloaded and restarted after enabling it, so I don't understand why it's still failling :S

never heard about that kind of problem, sorry. Maybe someone did and can help you.

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