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by onstage-negation, Saturday, May 22, 2021, 11:07 (1067 days ago)


currently I still use feedly for my RSS feeds, but I want to get away from it. In search of alternatives I came across selfoss. I have set up an instance for testing, I get along so far with it. However, I have a few questions:

I'm using version 2.18, which also seems to be the most recent - but that seems to be from 2018. Is selfoss still being actively developed, or am I counting on a dead project?

I currently use feedly from two laptops and a desktop PC (via Firefox), additionally from an Android smartphone (via feedly app). To make this work with selfoss as well, I would then install it in "real" use on a web hosting package. Is the built-in protection via username/password enough to prevent unauthorized access?

I thank you already for the answers!

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