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I'm using version 2.18, which also seems to be the most recent - but that seems to be from 2018. Is selfoss still being actively developed, or am I counting on a dead project?

Yes, selfoss is still actively developed.

Recently, we have finished porting the user interface from crusty jQuery to React and there have been many other changes since 2.18.

You can check the development activity on GitHub and even use the development builds if you want the latest and greatest.

The main reason I have not released 2.19 yet is that it still needs some polishing (some of the libraries we use have spotty PHP 8 support) and testing.

But I have been using the development builds every day without a hitch so stability-wise, I would consider it ready.

I currently use feedly from two laptops and a desktop PC (via Firefox), additionally from an Android smartphone (via feedly app). To make this work with selfoss as well, I would then install it in "real" use on a web hosting package. Is the built-in protection via username/password enough to prevent unauthorized access?

Yes, username/password should be safe enough. Provided you use https to connect to selfoss.

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