Bugs / feature requests for 2.19

by xvasek, Monday, November 22, 2021, 20:53 (966 days ago)


I have been posting bugs to githug, but now I have mostly questions, so I'm posting them here.

I have recently reverted from github version to 2.18 because of several things, which I find annoying. I'm using selfoss on several desktops via Firefox and also on Android mobile phone also with Firefox.

Now to my questions / suggestions.

1) When clicking / taping on another "stream" (or how is "unread" / "starred" / "newest" / etc. called?) in menu (let's say I'm in "unread" and I click "starred") - then last item from old "stream" (in my case "unread") appears focused and open in "starred", even when it is not starred. This also happens when I'm in "unread" and push "r" (reload) - last focused item stays under cursor and is focused / open, even when it is already read. It is also a question, what should happen, when I'm on last item in "unread" and push "r" - in my opinion empty list should appear.

I can imagine this was meant as feature - in this case whatever I click I don't loose my last article, but I find it raher annoying.

2) When I click on "stream" in menu, which I'm actually in (let's say I'm in "unread" and I click / tap "unread") - in 2.18 current stream was refreshed, and I was staying "unfocused" on the stream. Now nothing happens. I was used to refresh stream this way mostly on mobile phone, because hitting "r" is a bit complicated without keyboard. :-) Later I used to refresh by "refresh" Firefox button, but I still think refreshing by "reclicking" current stream name was not a bad idea.

3) "Next" button in mobile version is brokem (again) and does not load next item, but closes actual item and returns to a list. "Next" button is not in mobile interface, I'm using "user.css" to show it. I think it should be visible by default, but I understand this is my own "personal" wish, but anyway - how do you use selfoss on mobile phone? "Next" button is the only action I want to push for maybe 50% of my content... But if user.css will be working, I'm fine with "unhiding" it.

4) When speaking about user.css... I have .entry-toolbar .entry-next and .entry-toolbar .entry-newwindow to display: block. Souldn't be handy to - ehm - have ... "entry-newwindow" always visible on mobile? Just asking. I can imagine some country / area, where there is actually some content in css, but ... everywhere else in universe you have only some perex or maybe only headline and you have to open the article in new window (new tab actually) to show you actual content (and a lot of adds). I think this A++ function, but - I understand - maybe I'm just different person.

5) Now - when we are here - the best. Combination of all the previous annoyments. When I'm on mobile in "unread" and I'm actually on last "unread" item, so everything is read now. I want to refresh the stream, so I hit "three dots" button in Firefox, refresh. Last unread (now allready perfectly read) item appears again. Open. I didn't want to see this item anyway, but now I have to close it (tap anywhere to text) - because "next" button doesn't work - and I'm in list. OK, next item is my first unread item, now I can open it. OK, now I have last unread item open (nothing really interesting) and I want to go to "starred" stream. I have to push "selfoss wheel" and "starred". And now I stand on last "unread" item, which I didn't want to see never more, and - more annoyingly, it is open and I have no "Next" button (or it doesn't work), so I have to close item, and - despite it is still occupying some place on my screen - I'm more or less where I wanted to be - in a list of "starred" items.

(Or do I have some troubles in my installation?)

(Please don't take this as criticism, it's ment to be user feedback. Selfoss is super cool, kudoz to all devs, and I'm on it until end of Google Reader...)

Kind regards,

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