Selfoss 2.19 and PHP 8.2

by jtojnar, Monday, February 27, 2023, 16:44 (450 days ago) @ snak-pak

First, in all my RSS feeds the article images aren't showing. Instead they are replaced with a large cyan-coloured box where each image should be. The images do show up fine in my Twitter: your timeline feed.

For the Twitter source, what you are seeing is a “thumbnail” – a primary image extracted from the tweet and stored in selfoss’s data directory. It may be that something (e.g. browser extension) is blocking the images in the articles, which will be loaded from the individual website. You may get more info in the Network panel of your browser’s developer tools.

Second, when I'm in "Unread" mode and click on "Mark as read" after reviewing all the articles, the view doesn't advance to the next set of articles anymore. Instead the view retains the same set of articles and just shows them all as read. In order to advance I have to click on the "Unread" button again in order to update the view.

Sorry about that. That is a known bug and was fixed. You may try the latest build in the meanwhile.

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