Selfoss 2.19 and PHP 8.2

by snak-pak, Wednesday, March 01, 2023, 00:01 (481 days ago) @ snak-pak

The nightly build is giving me an internal server error with the message,
Using ${var} in strings is deprecated, use {$var} instead

php-fpm logs looks like this:

2023/02/28 15:54:20 [error] 47310#100700: *91140 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: Using ${var} in strings is deprecated, use {$var} insteadPHP message: [src/helpers/Configuration.php:248] PHP message: [vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php:578] Base->{closure}()PHP message: [vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php:578] include()PHP message: [vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php:432] Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader::Composer\Autoload\{closure}()PHP message: [src/common.php:49] Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader->loadClass()PHP message: [index.php:5] require()" while reading response header from upstream

Maybe it's a PHP 8.2 thing. I'll dig around and see what I can figure out. Newer PHP versions always seem to break things.

If it's most likely something on my end, I can blow away my instance and try again.

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