update / update.php not found

by JourneymanGeek, Monday, March 18, 2013, 01:06 (4146 days ago)

I'm currently trying to get selfoss - 2.3 (the current release version) working on a system running ubuntu 12.04 and apache 2. Currently I've gotten mod_rewrite working (the import and password pages work), but I seem to be unable to update. I'm running it off an IP address, and on a sub-folder. going to update through the update page '' gives me "The requested URL /selfoss/update was not found on this server." and going to update.php gives me a 404 error. Attempting to run update.php from the shell as a regular user gives me
"anteater@testvm:/var/www/selfoss$ php update.php
PDOStatement: attempt to write a readonly database"

I'm probably missing something obvious here but I'm not sure what. I can't really test this without being able to load feeds, so I'm wondering what it is.

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