Windows Server Install "Confused"

by stevenriz, Monday, August 26, 2019, 15:10 (1763 days ago)

Hello. I know it doesn't take much but I am having trouble following the Windows install instructions for Selfoss and am stuck.

- I have Apache running on the server and have the "It Works" index.html page opening fine
- I have PHP running ok as the index.php I created seems to work fine
- MySQL is installed and I created the selfoss database but the instructions say the db will be automatically populated; How? I must have missed something to connect MySQL to Selfoss
- I open the selfoss index.php and I see a login screen but don't know the credentials; are they configured in the db?

I think my main issue is with the database and how to connect Selfoss to it. I haven't moved onto the Windows Task Scheduler piece yet in thoughts I need to get the database issue solved first...

Any thoughts?


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