Windows Server Install "Confused"

by jtojnar, Monday, August 26, 2019, 21:28 (1785 days ago) @ stevenriz

MySQL is installed and I created the selfoss database but the instructions say the db will be automatically populated; How? I must have missed something to connect MySQL to Selfoss

That would be the step 6.

I open the selfoss index.php and I see a login screen but don't know the credentials; are they configured in the db?

They are configured in the config.ini, see

I created the MySQL database "create database selfoss" and the db created has a filename E:\MySQL\data\selfoss\db.opt not selfoss.db -- is this ok?

I am not sure what the internal structure of MySQL database is. But it does not need to be selfoss.db
– that is only meant for SQLite database.

I think I am getting close. Only a few errors in the Apache errors log file. Where do I define the PHP startup libs? Still looking... thanks!

I guess that will be different depending on how you installed PHP server. If you used XAMPP or WampServer installers, I would expect the mysql module to already be enabled. You will need to consult documentation provided with the installer you used.

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