Using Selfoss with PHP 8

by nickrickard, Monday, January 17, 2022, 09:11 (855 days ago) @ jtojnar

Yes, PHP8.0 (8.0.8-1).

How would I know (or enable/disable) offline mode?

The developer console has a few error messages related to css declarations (things like -moz-box-shadow which I can't see would be relevant to this.) There aren't any script errors or warnings. My adblockers are turned off for my local home site. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to provide much help.

It's the same behaviour on my desktop and mobile, both through Firefox (91ESR desktop, 96 mobile). Clicking on or using keyboard shortcuts for the other buttons work.

If selfoss was trying to write to the database and was denied, would I expect to see something in the logs? I get
"[2022-01-17 07:54:34] selfoss.DEBUG: Established database connection"
when I refresh the page, but nothing that corresponds to a failed click on 'star' or 'mark as read'.

If others aren't seeing this then I don't want to distract your time on something that might be curious or unique to my setup.


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