Using Selfoss with PHP 8

by jtojnar, Monday, January 17, 2022, 21:08 (863 days ago) @ nickrickard

I get the XHR log messages on first loading the selfoss page:

17:19.57.337 XHRGEThttps://[mysite]/nickfeed/api/about
[HTTP/1.1 200 OK 0ms]

[HTTP/1.1 200 OK 0ms]

But I don't get any XHR message for clicking 'star' or 'mark as read'. Inspecting the source of the button shows that there is an event listener, which seems to be linked to react-dom.production.min.js.

Yeah, that sounds like a problem.

Using your screenshot I could reverse-engineer the page https://[mysite]/nickfeed/mark/103653 which came up with 'Page not Found'.

The API route only works with POST method. Using something like curl -X POST 'https://mysite/nickfeed/mark/230130?username=...&password=...' on command line should work (or it is also possible to edit and resend an existing request in Network panel of developer tools). But given that no XHR is shown when clicking the button, the issue is most likely in the client.

Just to check, do you perhaps have some customization enabled (e.g. you created `user.js` or `user.css` files in your selfoss directory)?

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