Using Selfoss with PHP 8

by nickrickard, Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 15:51 (887 days ago) @ jtojnar


selfoss.loggedin.value was false.

That's because I have an empty user= and password= in my config.ini. That's always seemed okay on previous versions of selfoss.

Setting a user= in config.ini and then reloading selfoss so it forces a login fixes the problem! 'Star' and 'Read/Unread' buttons now work as expected.

So, the headline is that it now works. Thank you so much. Additional question: how do I now log out of selfoss so I can create a better user/pwd combination and re-login?

The question is if someone runs with a user= then is that acceptable practice, in which case there might be a bug that needs fixing? Or does a user have to be specified?

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