Using Selfoss with PHP 8

by jtojnar, Monday, January 17, 2022, 19:33 (882 days ago) @ Triskaideka

I am seeing other problems, most significantly, that some RSS feeds are not getting updated (with a "connection timed out" message) even though they were fine under Selfoss 2.18 and I can visit them in my browser with no problem. I wasn't sure whether it made sense to submit a bug report for a nightly build, but I can make a fuller post about this here or on GitHub if anyone wants.

Please report any issues you see in nightly builds, either on issue tracker or here. Some nightly build will (hopefully) eventually become a release so it is important to catch bugs before then.

If timeouts when fetching feed persist, they may be caused by the website’s bot detection in some cases but then I would expect it to fail in old selfoss version too so we cannot rule out a bug.

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