Using Selfoss with PHP 8

by jtojnar, Thursday, January 20, 2022, 08:09 (824 days ago) @ nickrickard

That's because I have an empty user= and password= in my config.ini. That's always seemed okay on previous versions of selfoss.

Yeah, that is definitely a bug. It should be fixed by #1309 (included in the latest build).

Additional question: how do I now log out of selfoss so I can create a better user/pwd combination and re-login?

If you are logged in, you should see log out button in the toolbar at the bottom of the sidebar.

But you do not need to log out if you change the username or password since currently selfoss only supports a single user anyway.

The question is if someone runs with a user= then is that acceptable practice, in which case there might be a bug that needs fixing? Or does a user have to be specified?

Yeah, no user (authentication disabled) is the default setting – selfoss is designed to work out of the box without any configuration at all. It should be fully supported since it is useful for local installations and when one uses a different authentication method (e.g. nginx auth_request module).

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